.​​Awareness Creation is a Metro Denver Internet Marketing Company that strives to empower our clients' remarkability!  We've never worked with a client who wants to be seen as "ordinary"! It's our mission to show the world that every client is truly remarkable. After all, would you rather do business with an exciting, dynamic company or a ho-hum, average company? We see hundreds of companies who are settling for ho-hum, ordinary Internet Marketing results    because their Internet Marketing strategies (or non-strategies) are less than professional. So tell me. Do you want the world to see you as extraordinary or ho-hum?  

Give us a call to find out how we bring out your company's significance with our services that leverage the power of proven expertise and optimized communications. Awareness Creation is a certified woman-owned business that's been providing a full-range of SEO and Internet Marketing services to extraordinary companies of all sizes. We're based in Littleton, Colorado, but have clients from around the country.  


Metro Denver Expert internet Marketing Company: Awareness Creation is the difference between ordinary & remarkable

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Did you know that there is a huge difference between online writing and traditional print writing styles? Don't be that business communicator who relies on ineffective, and out-dated communications styles.


A quick word from carole Keller,

Owner/President of Awareness Creation

Awareness Creation has been in business since 1997 and is still going strong. Through good times and bad, it's always a good business decision to take the time to evaluate your Internet presence and Digital Marketing strategy: ask the right questions about what you want to achieve and what changes you must make to experience the success you deserve.

Do you need to show up on the Web more? Do you need to laser focus on Local SEO? Are paid ads needed to boost your online positioning? Sometimes business owners may not have a clear idea of the right questions they need to ask. Awareness Creation can direct your Online Marketing strategies by providing recommendations and assistance with improving or updating your Web communications - even if you're not sure about the questions to ask.

Most of all, we want to be an invaluable resource to our clients. We've worked with a variety of businesses: small to mid-size companies, global enterprises, entrepreneurial start-ups, sole proprietors, agencies, non-profits, and government entities. We have the flexibility to be available for on-going or one-time projects, And for all you agencies out there, we can even be an "as-needed" extension of your company. Give me a call. I'm sure we have so much to chat about!


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One of the best sources for acquiring new customers is Local Search. This is more than just a phone book on steroids... it's a forceful and intuitive platform that's igniting the world of online marketing.

We love Small to Medium-sized Businesses, SOHOs, Start-ups and Entrepreneurs so much that we've created some exclusive services and price points just for you. 


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Take advantage of, the most flexible, affordable and productive platform for creating, building, and strengthening your brand. Internet Marketing is a critical strategy for the success of your business.