Revenue-generating content must be written with a very particular writing style that strikes a balance between pleasing Google and motivating the reader.  We combine our Marketing Copywriting skills with Search Engine Optimization expertise that results in a vast improvement in the "findability" and "remarkability" of your information. 

We know how much you love attention; that's why we focus on making sure you get lots of it!  If you think it's high-time that you got the attention you deserve, give us a call . The first thing we will need is to find out more about you, your audience, and what you want to accomplish. You can provide us with content that you have written and we'll get it spiffed up. Or, if you don't know where to start or don't want to spend many precious hours trying to bang out content that may or may not work for you, we can start from scratch. Want more substance for your content but no time? We do research.

Let us know how we can create some buzz about your biz - we couldn't be more excited.



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Writing is writing is writing... right? Uh - No! but, as colorado professional seo writers we  make sure you get it right.

You want your customers to notice you, get excited about you, and know that they must have whatever it is you have to sell them. You think you're on fire: got your website up and running and a Social Media plan of action. Unfortunately, after about a month of not getting much web traffic from your website or Social Media posts, your fire of enthusiasm has been snuffed out. After a couple of months, you no longer believe your website or blog or any online platform is going to deliver the conversions you need to even pay for your efforts. What went wrong?

  • You're information didn't show up in the top listings where your target market was looking.
  • If your website or social media posts did get some traffic, the audience lost interest in your content within a few seconds and went elsewhere. (And, how do you find out more information about the traffic you are getting?  Website Analytics!)

Awareness Creation, based in Colorado, provides professional SEO content writing to businesses in the Denver Metro area as well as around the country.  We know that writing for print media is different than writing for advertising copy which is different than SEO writing; and, we have the unique skills that fuse technical expertise with Marketing persuasion for significant results that will make your audience sit up and take notice of what you have that they need:

seo writing is all about getting attention!

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  • Improved search engine results positioning.
  • More website traffic.
  • SEO Lift (viral exposure of your content).
  • Greater brand reach and recognition.
  • Higher click-through and engagement rates.
  • Improved user experience.
  • Better relationship building opportunities with your target market.
  • Elevated reputation within your industry.
  • Sales Boost.