You or your webmaster can get a SSL Certificate from Awareness Domains (GoDaddy -  a trusted provide).  Call Awareness Creation at any time to get help with migrating your website to a SSL.


Web Hosting Options

Awareness Creation Highly Recommends Web Hosting With SSL Certificate!.

As websites are requiring much more robust functionality, the need for more robust web hosting platforms has evolved. Awareness Creation is very particular about the web hosts we recommend to our clients.  If you're using a secondary hosting plan (typically, one that bundles many services including web hosting), you are only asking for website heartaches down the road.  The secondary web host providers just don't have the capacity to reliably serve clients who have up-to-date websites. Please check out our hosting recommendations for your new website; they're not only reliable but, yes, affordable.

  • Improved User Experience
  • More secure contend especially if your website has user generated content, is an e-commerce site, has a login page or form submissions.
  • Faster loading sites.

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The first question many of our clients have is:  "what is SSL?" SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer which is encryption technology that makes your website less "hackable" by scrambling data during the transmission process.  You can tell the difference between a "non-secure" website and one using SSL by the URL: a website hosted on a secure server has a URL that starts with https://.

In 2014, Google announced that they adjusted their indexing standards to include HTTPS pages. Because of this Google algorithm adjustment, HTTPS pages will get a boost in the search listings. Up to now this has only been a "lightweight" search signal. 

However, Google has a very serious initiative to create a safer Web and we can expect the SSL search signal to become more than just "light weight" going forward  There are additional benefits of have a secure website: