Looking for new customers?  Local Search is a primary source of customers you need to leverage.  When you take advantage of Local Search you have a tremendous amount of gadgets that are working to drive customers to your door - or at least to your website:  customer reviews (super important), detailed maps, storefront photos, product photos and smart phone integration for the mobile audience. You may not even have a clue about the many more features being developed.  That's why you need to call Awareness Creation - your Local SEO experts in the Denver Metro area and beyond. Another reason to call Awareness Creation for your Local Search campaigns? We have been professionally trained and certified in Local SEO.

Local Search is all about someone, somewhere, looking for something. It doesn't matter if the someone is in your city or across the globe.  If you have a strong local presence you will have a competitive advantage.  How can your local online information get you new customers? Here are just a couple of examples:

1.  Someone who is driving around, let's say, Englewood. They want to know a good place for breakfast so they get on their mobile phone to do a search. Their search will not only give information about the best breakfast cafe close to your location, but how far it is from their current location, a telephone number, possibly a menu that can be checked out, customer ratings and reviews, and directions right to the front door.  Boom!  New customer. (BTW, I know a fantastic breakfast cafe in Englewood... call me.)  And, this also brings up the matter of mobile search: your website must be mobile friendly.  Learn more about a mobile friendly website designs.  


2.  Someone in Paris, France, is going to be studying at the University of Colorado in Boulder.  They want to have know where they can find a good dentist they can see while they are studying abroad. They do a search for Boulder, Colorado, dentists. Again, invaluable professional  information is provided, along with reviews, telephone number, location. Voila!  New patient. 

  • We lock your listings and ensure all the directories don't overwrite your information with incorrect data.
  • You can count on us to provide real time updates about your company such as services, hours, photos, special offers, etc. which is one heck of an impossible task if you were to try to do this manually.
  • Many other aggregators of information may take months to update,with only basic information and will not fix duplicate listings. If you have duplicate listings you will have an SEO problem.
  • We set up your Google Business listing so it complies with all the crazy Google  requirements.

60% of Consumers use local information in the search terms. Prospects want their search results narrowed down to locations.

Looking for New Customers?  Local Search is a Primary Source You Need to Leverage!

We know your business needs are unique: why should you settle for a boilerplate Local Search campaign?  You shouldn't!! Call us to start a conversation about the customized Internet Presence services we can create just for you.

Local businesses taking advantage of the benefits of Local Search are the winners in the online game.   Local Search is critically important to brick and mortar and local service based businesses because it is one of the main ways that the Internet connects customers with companies.  Every business that serves local customers can benefit from using local search optimization to outperform competitors and capture an awe inspiring market share

The problem most businesses face when it comes to Local Search management is resources:  knowledge and time.  That's why Awareness Creation has set up a month-to-month Internet Presence Management program for new businesses or well-established businesses that are savvy about the need to protect their online Local information and that doing nothing puts their businesses at risk.

Why the need for a month-to-month service?  By using a proven and successful platform for monitoring and updating online business information, we're able to ensure that the fantastic number of sites and databases "out there" are all providing your target market with the most correct and up-to-date facts that will strengthen your brand.  Additionally, our program offers the following benefits:

You Have Flexible, Affordable Internet Presence Management Package Options

4 in 5 consumers search for local businesses online. Awareness Creation specializes in denver colorado local seo

When your business listings are complete with hours, reviews, ratings, photos and other relevant information, consumers are 197% more likely to view your business as a dependable business.

On average, 2 out of 3 business listings contain incorrect information.

73% of consumers lose trust in a local business when they find incorrect information about that business online.

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